A new home for The Buzzsaw



We’ve updated the Buzzsaw, our online tool for stripping buzzwords out of press releases, covering emails, speeches, strategy documents, presentations, direct marketing, etc, etc.

We’ve also moved it to a new home: http://prbuzzsaw.com/

It’s very simple to use.  You just paste the text into the box, press the “buzz it” button below, and it automatically puts a red line through all the jargon.  We hope it compensates in function for what it lacks in finesse.  We will be making improvements to it in 2014.

The buzzwords in the database are supplied by journalists or we find them by trawling the web.

If it’s used frequently, toe-curling terms like ‘repurposing’, ‘solution’, ‘robust’, ‘best of breed’, ‘mission-critical’, ‘next-generation’, ‘web-enabled’, ‘leading’, ‘value-added’, ‘leverage’, ‘seamless’, etc, will (hopefully) soon be a thing of the past.

You can submit buzzwords to us at any time by e-mailing buzzwords@1238kmh.com

Note/confession: We’re not blameless in this.  We’re a PR agency and we occasionally create jargon ourselves.  We do, though, run our announcements through the Buzzsaw and strip out any offenders if we can.

The Buzzsaw has also been lubricated with a selection of terms from John Rentoul’s The Banned List: A manifesto against jargon and cliché. John is the UK’s Buzzfinder General, chief political commentator for the Independent on Sunday and visiting Professor at Queen Mary, University of London, where he teaches contemporary history.